Recommend several green laser pointers that can light up cigarettes

Laser pointers generally do not dissipate heat and are easily broken. Laser flashlights are recommended (I only recommend HX to recommend HX’s East HX West):

532nm green light:

The power to light a cigarette is generally above 200mW, and the power to reach and exceed 600mW can directly burn wood.

1. High HX file high HX quality type:

SCItower (same as):


2. Ordinary economic HX economical HX use type:

Q-LINE (200mW waterproof type):

Nuoqing (200mW300mW models, the more powerful ones belong to the high HX gear type):

In addition, it is better to use a 445nm blue laser flashlight for cigarette lighter. The power is generally 1000~3000mW, but 1000mW is enough (it burns very hard, more powerful than any green flashlight on TB, ordinary type ¥400 ~700, high HX file type ¥1000~1500).

Cigarette green? Please look for serious infrared leakage, pure 532nm green is not good

Sanwu Electronics 250mW650nm red laser, the cheapest price can buy enough power. Focus can light up cigarettes

can light a cigarette, the minimum power we consider 200mw as the starting point.

The greater the power, the faster the cigarette lighter.

But at the second point you said, it’s a bit hanging.

Think about it this way, even if you use a lighter to light a cigarette, can you completely light it in one second?

It takes 1-2 seconds to take a puff or two while lighting it with a lighter, right?

Nuoqing NQ-403 2000mw, it can light up the cigarette very quickly, we dare to promise the fastest speed, it is about 1-2 seconds to light the cigarette at close range. If it’s really rigid to within 1 second, it’s not necessarily true.

The price is 1,200 yuan.

A cigarette can be lighted at 250 milliwatts, and it can be done for tens of dollars. The green light that can light a cigarette is generally more than two thousand yuan, which is much more expensive than blue light! The brightness of the US S3 krypton handheld laser reaches 8000 hex of the sun, but it is as high as 5600 The renminbi cannot be consumed by ordinary people.

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