What are the forms of advertising?

1. The main manifestations of online advertising are: banner ads, button ads, floating ads, vertical banner ads, pop-up window ads, free time pop-up window ads, etc.
2. Audiovisual advertisements are divided into television advertisements and radio advertisements, which can also be called electronic media advertisements. Print advertisements are divided into newspaper advertisements and magazine advertisements. Movie advertising is also a kind of mass media advertising. People’s understanding of advertising is basically expressed through three situations: visual advertising, tactile advertising, and auditory advertising.
3. Mobile advertising, using small vehicles of ordinary people as the carrier, covering the main forms of expressions such as plane, sound and light, audio and video, electronics, and extinction, combined with bicycles, electric bicycles, motorcycles, human and non-human tricycles, which are common and random. The characteristics of the, launched to the audience, so that the performance of outdoor advertising more universal and mobile advantages.

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