How to write ad words to attract people?

The slogan should be concise and concise, focus on the key points, and there should be no extra words. The advertising text must be clear and simple, easy to read, simple in words, in line with the trend, and not too abstract in content, so that people with ordinary education can accept it. Provide people with the most informative slogans and work hard on new words.

Examples of ad words

Gloria Luxi, charm comes from connotation! (Italian menswear advertisement)

Charming space, unlimited creativity. (Advertising for fashion creative programs)

Follow all my life without complaint or regret. (Corporate advertisement)

Since the beginning, I am moved by you. (Advertising for “Emotion” program)

Feel the good taste for yourself. (“Fast Food Restaurant” Ad slogan)

Aspiration is in my heart, good luck accompanies me. (“Shoe Company” advertising slogan)

Be self-reliant and let you swing. (“Sports shoes” product ad slogan)

Friends toast together, confidant is drunk for me. (Advertising words for wine companies)

Advertising recording is still glamorous. (Advertising slogan of Charm Made Sound Network)

Let happiness spread its wings and watch dreams bloom instantly. (Advertising for “Dream China” program)

Taste the welcoming pine, leading the Chinese style alone. (“Welcome Song” cigarette ad slogan)

I move, therefore I am. (“Sports Series Products” Advertising Slogan)

Extended information

Advertising is a marketing tool and means, and the marketing function should be regarded as an inherent function of advertising. Marketing is inseparable from communication. The communication function is the most basic function of advertising. Through the dissemination of information, advertising plays a role in promoting, persuading, enhancing, and prompting.

In general, the slogan is a short slogan that is used repeatedly in advertisements for a long time in order to strengthen the target’s impression of the company, product or service. It should be based on long-term sales benefits and convey a long-term disagreement to consumers. The concept of change, let us analyze the stylistic characteristics of advertising language.

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