There are several forms of advertising

The main manifestations of advertising:

  1. The main forms of online advertising are: banner ads; button ads; floating ads; vertical ads; pop-up window ads; free time pop-up window ads.
  2. Audiovisual advertisements are divided into TV advertisements and radio advertisements, which can also be called electronic media advertisements.
  3. Print advertisements are divided into newspaper advertisements and magazine advertisements.
  4. Movie advertising is also a kind of mass media advertising.
  5. Mobile advertising, using ordinary people’s small vehicles as the carrier, covering the main forms of expression, such as plane, sound and light, audio and video, electronics, and extinction. It combines bicycles, electric bicycles, motorcycles, human and non-human tricycles, which are common and random. The characteristics of the promotion to the audience make the performance of outdoor advertising more universal and mobile, increase the reach of the media, and enhance the communication effect. It is currently the media with the highest reach in a single area.
There are several forms of advertising

Broadcast, set up, and post advertisements in the territory of the People’s Republic of China through media or forms such as newspapers, radio, television, movies, street signs, shop windows, printed matter, and neon lights. Specifically:

  1. Use newspapers, periodicals, books, directories, etc. to publish advertisements.
  2. Use radio, television, movies, videos, slides, etc. to broadcast advertisements.
  3. Use buildings or spaces such as streets, squares, airports, stations, docks, etc. to set up street signs, neon lights, electronic display boards, showcases, light boxes, walls and other advertisements.
  4. Use theaters, stadiums (halls), cultural centers, exhibition halls, hotels, restaurants, playgrounds, shopping malls and other places to set up and post advertisements inside and outside.
  5. Use vehicles, boats, airplanes and other vehicles to set up, draw, and post advertisements.
  6. Mail all kinds of advertising materials through the post office.
  7. Use gifts in kind for advertising.
  8. Use network Email, BANNER, etc. for advertising and database marketing.
  9. Call center, a kind of database marketing.
  10. Use text messages (sms) and MMS for advertising, a type of database marketing.
  11. Use other media and forms to publish, set up, and post advertisements.
  12. There are still people using verbal advertising.
  13. The spread of advertisements through mobile phone text messages and color message services, as well as advertisements in mailboxes, is also flooding recently.

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