What is the role of advertising?

  1. Advertising is an important tool and means of modern marketing, but it is not the only tool and means. The realization of marketing goals requires the joint efforts and cooperation of all marketing elements.
  2. Different products, different product life cycles, different market environments, and advertising functions and effectiveness are also different. Advertising is a very effective method of information dissemination and one of the five main tools used by companies to communicate directly and persuasively between target customers and the public.
  3. As far as advertising is concerned, the general understanding is that the sales volume depends on the advertising volume of the company, which is correct within certain limits.
What is the role of advertising?

Advertisement is a form of promotion that promotes products or solicits or contract services to users through certain media to increase understanding and trust and even expand sales. 1. Advertising is the largest, fastest and most extensive information delivery medium. Through advertisements, companies or companies can transmit information about the characteristics, functions, uses, and suppliers of products and services to consumers, communicate the contact between the two parties, attract consumers’ attention and interest, and promote purchases. 2. Advertising can stimulate and induce consumption. Consumers’ demand for a certain product is often a potential demand, and this potential demand is sometimes contradictory to actual purchase actions. The visual and sensory reflections and inducements created by advertisements often arouse consumers’ desire to buy in reality. Some new products with good quality and low price are marketable, because they are not known to consumers, it is difficult to open the market, and once advertising is carried out, consumers will buy them one after another. In addition, repeated rendering and repeated stimulation of advertisements will also increase the popularity of the product and even arouse a certain sense of trust. 3. Advertising can better introduce product knowledge and guide consumption. Through the advertisement, the product performance, quality, purpose, maintenance and installation, etc. can be fully introduced, and their doubts can be eliminated, and their worries caused by repair, maintenance, installation and other problems can be eliminated, thereby creating a desire to buy. 4. Advertising can promote the development of new products and technologies. The emergence of a new product and new technology is cumbersome and slow to promote by administrative means, and has great limitations. However, through advertising, directly meeting with the vast number of consumers can make new products and new technologies quickly gain a foothold in the market. , To be successful.

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