What does the advertisement mean

Advertisement is to advertise, that is, to inform the general public of something.

In terms of its meaning, advertisements can be divided into broad and narrow senses. Broadly speaking advertisements refer to advertisements that are not for profit, such as government announcements, announcements and statements from political parties, religions, education, culture, municipalities, and social organizations.

Narrow advertising refers to advertising for the purpose of profit, usually refers to commercial advertising, or economic advertising, it is commercial and industrial enterprises to promote goods or provide services, to pay, through advertising media to disseminate goods or services to consumers or users Means of information. Commodity advertisements are such economic advertisements.

Advertising is different from general mass communication and publicity activities, mainly in:

  1. Advertisement is a dissemination tool, which transmits the information of a certain commodity to a group of users and consumers by the production or operation agency (advertiser) of the commodity;
  2. You need to pay for advertising;
  3. The communication activities carried out by the advertisement are persuasive;
  4. The advertisement is purposeful, planned and continuous;
  5. Advertising is not only good for advertisers, but also good for target audiences. It allows users and consumers to get useful information.

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